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Flower Essence Therapy in full Blossom

Flower Essence Therapy reaches Maturity
From the pioneering work of Dr Bach in the 1930s, into this new Millenium in 2010, we have gone a long way.
As an opening flower, this healing modality has come into full bloom, revealing its unique approach of contemporary integrative scope.

You are seen as a Multidimensional Being
Flower Essence Therapy sees you as a Soul being, growing in emotional, mental and spiritual awareness, while embodied in physical form. A companion on the evolutionary journey, it helps you go deep, knowing you are supported by these tools for transformation. (Learn more)

Flower Essences are pure life force from vibrant flowers, one of the highest expressions of Creation in Form. They help you see and gradually transmute, that which separates you from the wholeness of who you You Are.

Reuniting Alchemy
The result of this Alchemical journey is a resonant and awakened integration within yourself, and with the Greater Whole.

I offer Flower Essence Therapy sessions as well as Akashic Readings, in the form of long distance consultations.

Mentoring Program for Professionals
With almost 22 years of daily professional practice, counseling and witnessing the journey of hundreds of individuals, I now expand my work by offering support for those who use Flower Essences in their professional practice.
You may contact me for more information.

  • Flower Essence Therapy Articles

    • Holding Space for Ourselves

      …we forget to acknowledge a non spoken role we have been playing all too well and all along, and that is one of holding space, sustaining the balance for the ones around us, our own family and other individuals as well…

    • Soulful Presence

      As pressure and stress become dominant modes, shaping our lives in disruptive patterns, independently of our age or social/economical level, we are losing our ability to restore, reenergize and heal.

    • The Journey

      It is hard to say when and how, but the recognition that I had in me the imprints of all shortcomings of human nature, and the ability to embrace it all with acceptance, opened inner doors to a deep perception of the Soul Journey.